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Photo by Kozy

The Fixer

While chasing a carpenter ant with a hammer across our family room on a Sunday afternoon, I noticed a crack in...

Photo by Kozy

"You're Fired!"

WASHINGTON -- The Washington Wart Hogs fired Bill Ramsey yesterday in his first season as head football coach...

Photo by Kozy

Calling 800 Numbers Can Cause Health-Related Issues

I was 24 hours from boarding a flight to South America when I noticed a discrepancy between the name on my pas...

Photo by Kozy

Creatures of Habit Drive This
Lover of Change Crazy

It was early on a recent Sunday morning and I decided to take a yoga class before attending a church service....

Photo by George N. Darah

The Altar Boy

SYLVANIA, Ohio – An altar boy at St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church in Sylvania, Ohio, set the record on Feb...

Photo by Kozy

The Wait: 37 Minutes of Hell in a Grocery Store

I visited my favorite Italian specialty grocery store the other day. I only needed three items, but I was on a...

Photo by Kozy

Warning! Showing Me Photos Might Cause Harm to Your Cell Phone

I was invited to a cocktail party the other night at the home of a friend named Bob. He’s also a contractor wh...

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