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The Road Boomer

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This website is intended to be an archive of my stories and photographs compiled during more than four decades on the road. The publications in which the majority of them appeared had limited readership so they have not had a wide audience.


Since the archived content is in the realm of human interest rather than news, the stories remain relevant. Yet to make them more so, when possible I’ve added a postscript to each piece. In some instances, the postscripts are more interesting than the original story.


Most of the photographs posted in the Gallery section have rarely been seen – and never published - as they were filed in slide trays and folders for years. The pictures I took generally happened while moving from one story to the next. Since I mostly traveled overland, the opportunities were plentiful.


Perhaps the most important section is titled Reflections. This will serve as a memoir of sorts - a first-person telling of stories, experiences and thoughts never published. Included will be a series titled I Should Have Been Dead which, in fact, I should have been many times. I’m up to 15 and still counting.


Finally, lest you think I’m old and washed up – well, the first part is true – I’ll occasionally be returning to the road for less adventurous journeys as well as reporting stories from my regional beat, the Midwest. You’ll find these stories in the Current section. Hopefully, there will be new photographs as well, if I can figure out how to use my fancy new camera.


Thanks for taking a look. I hope you find something you enjoy.

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George J. Tanber is a native of Toledo, Ohio. From 1974-90, he traveled to more than 50 countries as a freelance and newspaper staff reporter. His articles and photographs have appeared in the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Christian Science Monitor and National Geographic publications.


Beginning in 1990, he authored a weekly world news feature column, Crossroads, a joint venture with the Anniston [Ala.] Star and Universal Press Syndicate. The column lasted six years and took Tanber around the world several times.


Much of his travel has involved overland journeys through developing countries in conflict and turmoil.


From 1996-2006, Tanber worked as a special projects and investigative reporter for The [Toledo] Blade. He also has worked as a correspondent for and Thomson Reuters.


Tanber has lived in suburban Washington, D.C., Spain, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. He currently operates a video production and content-writing business in Toledo.


Tanber is a graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, where he also has a Master’s degree in communications.

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