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Photo by Kozy

The Wait: 37 Minutes of Hell in a Grocery Store

I visited my favorite Italian specialty grocery store the other day. I only needed three items, but I was on a...

Photo by George J. Tanber

Uruguayan Woman Overcomes
Long Odds En Route to Success

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay – When Daniela Borba was a young girl, barely surviving with her single mother and four si...

Photo by George J. Tanber

Uruguay’s National Drink is More
Than a Pick-Me-Up; It’s an Obsession

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay – One of the first things you notice walking around this capital city of 1.5 million is th...

Photo by George J. Tanber

South America's Best-Kept Secret

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay – I’m walking along Sarandi, a pedestrian street in this capital city, with two Uruguayans...

Photo by George J. Tanber

Radio Personality Helps Lead
Ghana’s Feminist Movement

ACCRA, Ghana – I’m sitting with Ghana’s Queen of Evening Radio and feeling pretty good about it. It took me a...

Photo by George J. Tanber

African-American Family
Embraces Move to West Africa

ACCRA, Ghana – He remembers the day he walked out of Accra’s international airport and into a crush of humanit...

Photo by George J. Tanber

Young Visionary Leads New
Age Farming Movement

ACCRA, Ghana – The soil is fertile, the climate ideal. But, somehow, this west African nation of 32 million ca...

Photo by George J. Tanber

Indigenous Slavery: Unspoken Reality, Lingering Impact

ACCRA, Ghana – As an American, you can’t visit Ghana without thinking about slavery because a significant perc...

Photo by George J. Tanber

The Old Man in the Village

WUTE, Ghana – The old man sits on the porch of a village house that once belonged to his mother. In three days...

Photo by George J. Tanber

Complicated Quest for Maiden West Africa Journey

ACCRA, Ghana – I walk out of the airport and into the city where, like many developing world capitals, you ins...

Photo by George J. Tanber

Activist Works Day – and Night – for Social Reform

SKOPJE, North Macedonia – I’m sitting in front of Vegen365Kitchen waiting for an 11 a.m. appointment with its...

Photo by Kozy

Warning! Showing me photos might cause harm to your cell phone

I was invited to a cocktail party the other night at the home of a friend named Bob. He’s also a contractor wh...

Photo by George J. Tanber

Macedonia vs Macedonia: A Dispute with No End

SKOPJE, North Macedonia – In the U.S., we have two Dakotas, two Carolinas and a pair of Virginias. Any issues...

Photo by George J. Tanber

Mayor Leads Village to Surprising Success

DEIR EL GHAZAL, Lebanon – Amid a collapsed banking system, corrupt and ineffective government and resulting na...

Bruna Koci [L] and Nikki Zeqiri

Young Albanians, Seeking Independence, Caught Between Old Ways - and the New

TIRANA, Albania – During the few nights I spent in this capital city I noticed the cafes and bars in my neighb...

Photo by George J. Tanber

Albanian Community Service
Activist Leads by Example

KRUJE, Albania – For the past several years I’ve served as a judge for a national service organization that aw...

Photo by George J. Tanber

Film Producer’s Work Helps
Ease Scars from Communist Era

TIRANA, Albania – To truly appreciate and understand freedom you either had to have fought for it or lived und...

Photo by George J. Tanber

Bonding at Breakfast with Tirana Hotelier

TIRANA, Albania – I’m eating breakfast at the City Hotel Tirana. A plain omelet, chunk of feta cheese, tasty l...

Photo by George J. Tanber

Teenaged Asylum-Seeker Returns Home to Forge Previously Unthinkable Career

TIRANA, Albania – In my 17th summer, I was preparing for my final year of high school and thinking about which...

Technology is everywhere, as you can see at this coffee shop in Tirana

Technology Enhances Travel, Diminishes Adventure

TIRANA, Albania – Last night, the White Sox beat the Yankees in a 9-8 thriller at the Dyersville, Iowa ballfie...

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